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Welcome to The Energy Project, a project of the United Nations Association of the USA (UNA-USA) Southern New York State Division.

This new blog will highlight UN Energy, Clean Cookstoves, Energy Information and Energy Policy.  (See the tabs for these topics.)

On this page we will feature how you can become involved in this project. 

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Your voice needed to help promote solid US-UN relations and to ensure strong, positive leadership by the United States in the field of energy and climate action.
Go to: UNA-USA JOIN – On the secure website,  for Chapter Selection, go to NY and choose #462 – S. NYState Division.  If you’re a young professional, be sure to check that box.   If you prefer sending a check to joining online, please print, complete and mail this .pdf UNA-USA application
Then help start a new chapter in an area that lacks one, or a new UNA-USA Student Alliance, or come to an event, or write a letter to an editor and to your congressional representative and Senators!     
If you live in Brooklyn, New York (Manhattan), Queens or Westchester, you can join a chapter where you live.

The Energy Project is a project of the United Nations Association of the USA Southern New York State Division.  It stems from a Board resolution passed on April 4, 2011:

“Resolved that the Southern New York State Division be a rallying point among UNA-USA chapters, divisions, and members to support grassroots involvement in the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves  (led by the UN Foundation and as presented by Leslie Cordes at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference at the UN) and to engage UNA-USA chapters, divisions, and members in support of UN Energy which endeavors to engage more effectively the UN system in addressing the energy needs of developing countries as well as the need for less energy intensity in developed countries.”

Under the leadership of Dr. George Garland, the Energy Project will:

  1. Provide information on energy,
  2. Promote selected energy projects,
  3. Provide engagement opportunities, and
  4. Build a listserv of interested participants.

Dr. George A. Garland

Dr. Garland is Treasurer of the UNA-USA Southern New York State Division.  He is an independent consultant with experience as Executive Director of the World Energy Forum, Executive Director for National Membership at UNA-USA and previously Executive Director of the UNA National Capital Area.  He has served as Executive Director of UNA-USA’s Members Day at the United Nations in 2009, 2010 and 2011 and as moderator of the 2011 panel on energy and climate change. 

Dr. Garland’s 34 year career with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency included development and implementation of financial responsibility regulations for hazardous waste management. From 1988 to 1992, he worked with India, Indonesia, Burma, Sri Lanka, and Thailand as Chief Technical Advisor for Toxic Chemicals and Pollutants in WHO’s Regional Office for South East Asia. His international work also includes assignments in South Korea, and Oman. He worked with the World Bank in the Russian Federation to establish a national hazardous waste management system and with USAID in Russia to improve the water supply system of Nizhni Tagil, Sverdlovsk Oblast. He has several articles in Biocycle magazine on organics management (compost).

Dr. Garland has a degree in Applied Mathematics from Brown University, Masters Degrees in Industrial Administration from Carnegie Mellon and in Public Health from the University of North Carolina School of Public Health, and a Doctorate in Business Administration from George Washington University

Dr. David Stillman

Dr. Stillman is a board member of the UNA-USA Southern New York State Division and past president of the Westchester Chapter.  He is senior advisor to the Energy Project.   He brings to this his career in UN development assistance and his leadership of  the Public-Private Alliance Foundation.

Dr. Stillman is founder and Executive Director of the Public-Private Alliance Foundation, which works in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Madagascar.   The Foundation networks with many partners to stimulate entrepreneurship and investment, especially in bioenergy, sustainable agriculture and microfinance.  It is associated with the UN Department of Public Information, the UN  Global Compact, the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air and the Global Gender and Climate Alliance.  

In a career at the UN Stillman engaged in issues of  human security, peace-building, human rights, gender, sustainable development and the Millennium Develoment Goals.  As a Senior Officer in the Department of Economic and Social Affairs, he was a member of the team that supports the deliberations of the Economic and Social Council and the General Assembly. Previously he was an Advisor in the Office of the Under-Secretary-General for Development Support and Management Services. In the mid-1980s he served as Assistant Resident Representative in Islamabad, Pakistan, with the UN Development Programme, responsible chiefly for agricultural programs. Before joining the UN he worked in Togo, Ghana and Kenya.

Stillman holds a BA from the School of International Service of the American University and an MA and PhD in political science from Duke University. He has traveled extensively internationally.  Stillman speaks English and French. Honors include Who’s Who in America.

Jeanne Betsock Stillman

Jeanne Betsock (Ginger) Stillman consults in non-profit management, international public health, gender issues and program development. She has served as a staff member or independent consultant with non-governmental organizations, international organizations and universities in the US and 20 other countries. She is President of Strategies for Development, Inc., a consulting firm established in 1998.

Stillman is President of the United Nations Association of the USA Southern New York State Division. She was co-chair of the 2011 Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference and Members Day at the UN. As a Middle Atlantic Representative to the Council of Chapters and Divisions Steering Committee, from 2007-2009 she chaired its Sub-Committee on Communications. In the UNA Westchester Chapter, she served as Executive Director and as a Board member and Secretary, and led development of many innovative programs including “Peace Makes the World a Better Place,” which works with 3rd grade students in Yonkers Public Schools.  She produces the video series Going Global with the UN, which can be viewed online through Richland Community College, Dallas, Texashttp://www.rlc.dcccd.edu/modelun/videos.php.

Stillman edited the 11-volume Training Course in Women’s Health (1993), and supervised the translation into French of a training course on HIV/AIDS. She designed and led training programs for health professionals in the US, many sub-Saharan African countries, Tunisia, Haiti .  In Pakistan, she was a trainer and evaluator in a project working to build latrines and teach basic hygiene in Afghan refugee camps.  She was part of a team in 2004 which drafted a Five-Year Master Plan for Rural Development for the Government of Madagascar.

Stillman holds a BA from the American University School of International Service, an MSPH from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Public Health, and carried out doctoral coursework at Columbia University. She was Associate Editor of the two-volume International Encyclopedia of Population (Macmillan/Free Press, 1982). Honors include Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare, Who’s Who in America, and Who’s Who of American Women.

Photo credits:  Lightbulb – unknown; windmill and solar panels – David Stillman; Earth from outer space – NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

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