For a quick way to sign up to action and to receive updates, click on the following links:

UNA-USA  (United Nations Association of the USA Take Action email page)

Better World Campaign  (On the middle of the homepage is a column that reads “Stay Informed.” There you can sign up for e-mail updates about the work of the UN)

The UN FOUNDATION (United Nations Foundation page to sign up to receive updates) 

The directions below (“read more”)  lead to more detailed information; they will help you become informed about United Nations and development-related causes and to learn how you can take action to help.  The United Nations Association of the USA (UNA-USA, (a program of the UN Foundation), the Better World Campaign and the United Nations Foundation all offer you ways to get involved with toward achieving social justice and improved quality of life for all.  

2. Become Informed – On the homepage for the UNA-USA website, click on the Advocacy tab. Click on the link that says Take Action Now next to the E-Action Alerts tab, and scroll down to the bottom of the page until you reach the column on the left that says “Stay Informed.”

Under this column is a link to the E-Action List. Click on this link to sign up for e-mails that are sent to you when your help can make a critical difference.

You can also get general information about this year’s current advocacy agenda for the UNA-USA by clicking on the 2011 Advocacy Agenda Page.

3. Get Involved in Advocacy – Click on the Membership tab on the middle of the homepage. From here, a variety of ways to become involved with UNA-USA are listed. You can click on the tab that says Join Us Now to become a member of UNA-USA. Also, you can click on Find a Chapter in Your Area to find contact information of UNA-USA representatives at a chapter near you. Finally, you can click Find Events Across the Country to identify UNA-USA sponsored events to participate in.

Also on the Membership Page are links to UNA programs including Student Alliance and Young Professionals for International Cooperation  Click on these links to find out how to join a specific program.

4. Donate– You can donate to UNA-USA by clicking on Donate Now at the top left of the homepage.

The Better World Campaign

1. Log onto www.betterworldcampaign.org

2. Become Informed – On the middle of the homepage is a column that reads “Stay Informed.”   Sign up there for e-mail updates about the work of the UN.

You can also subscribe to UN Wire, a daily news letter (sent by e-mail) that covers UN issues.  

You can also subscribe to UN Dispatch, a series of periodic updates and communications from the UN Foundation. All three of these services are FREE.

3. Learn About Key Issues – At the top of the home page, there are tabs Our Key Issues and What We Are Doing.”   There you will find overviews of the main objectives and practices of BWC. Find the causes that interest you.

4. Get Involved in Advocacy – Also see the tab “Take Action Now” by clicking on What You Can Do at the top of the homepage in order to view a list of individual causes that the UN is supporting. Clicking on any of these causes will lead you to a page where you can support / advocate for the cause in someway (such as adding your name to a petition, sending a personal message to a UN Peacekeeper, or making an online donation to a UN initiative).

Contact your Senators:  On this same page (“Take Action Now”), click on Find Your Senators on the left-hand side of screen. This will lead you to a list of all U.S. Senators. Use the drop-down box on the top screen to select your state and find listings for, both senators. Click on the “Web Form” link below either of their names to be directed to an online form where you can contact these senators. After entering your name and contact information, you can write a message as long as 10,000 characters (about 3 pages in length). This is a great way to express concern for any legislative issues, world problems, etc. that you would like to bring to the attention of your Senator.

Contact your Representative:  You can contact your local representative by selecting Find Your Representative on the left-hand side of the Take Action Now screen and following the same procedure as for Senators.

The UN Foundation

1. Log onto http://unfoundation.org  

2. Become Informed – On the top right corner of the homepage is a tab that reads What We Do.” Click on this tab to learn about the campaigns, initiatives, and issues that the UN Foundation is addressing. Examine these further by clicking on their respective logos.Sign up for updates from the UN Foundation by clicking on the How to Help  tab on the top right corner of the home page, and then clicking on the Stay Informed box on the middle of this webpage.

3. Advocate for the UN – On the top right corner of the homepage, click on
      the tab How to Help.”  You will be directed to the Take Action 
      page.  This page provides a variety of ways to take action for both
      general and specific causes:

Become a UNA-USA Member:  Click on Help the UN Help the World at the bottom of the How To Help page. You will be directed to a window where you an register to become a member of the United Nations Association of the USA  and your local UNA-USA chapter.

Raise money for the UN Foundation by using the Internet: On the “How to Help” page, scroll down to the bottom and click on the link that reads Download the Official UN  Foundation Toolbar  You can install a toolbar that garners funds for the UN Foundation every time you search and shop online. 

Encourage your company or organization to become a UN Foundation Partner by clicking on Become a UN Foundation Partner at the very bottom of the “How to Help” page.  You will be directed to a window that lists ways that you can partner with the UN.

– As a corporate partner, you can:
                 1) Join the UN Foundation in Cause Marketing
                 2) Build Coalitions to Address Global Challenges
                 3) Support the UN Foundation

– As an organizational partner, you can:
                 1) Engage Your Membership
                 2) Leverage Expertise for Global Challenges

4. Donate– On the “How to Help Page,” click on Donate on the top left corner (next to “Take Action”) to be directed to donation forms. You can either donate to specific causes listed on this page (such as Nothing but Nets) or you can donate to the UN Foundation as a whole.


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