Raising Funds for Energy-Related Projects in Haiti

As part of its overall program the Division’s Energy Project is seeking to help raise funds for Energy-Related projects in Haiti.  You can help by taking a minute or two every day from September 19-October 31 to vote online!

What does this mean:  The Public-Private Alliance Foundation, Konbit Pou Ayiti (Konpay),  SocialTap and CDi, all non-profit organizations working in Haiti  are in the run to win $50,000 for their clean fuels & cook stoves projects.  This video describes the issues http://www.unasouthernny.org/advocacy-and-action.html .  
How does it work: Between Sep-19 and Oct-31, we ask you to please vote for this project each and every day and to mobilize as many additional votes as possible. The winner of the most votes at the end of the period will receive the $50,000. Runners up will receive $10,000. Based on previous rounds of voting, we estimate to need 20,000 votes to be competitive. That’s about 460 unique votes per day.   Last year CDi won $10,000 for its project for latrines in Haiti.
Where to Vote: The website and donor is a socially-minded wine cultivator and retailer:  Cultivate Wines. They call this program “The Give”. The exact web-address is not yet known but it will be found on their website www.cultivatewines.com as of 09/19.   

Hints on voting:
1.  Click on “The Give”;  2.   Indicate that you are over 21; 3. Look for the project “Clean Fuels & Cook Stoves for Haiti”;

Please come back frequently and vote once a day every with each email address

On the Cause page there will be space for comments – use that option to create some buzz

To be competitive, we need about ~20,000 votes. That’s about 460 votes per day !

Share these instructions. Promote our cause. Post this on your Facebook page

and on the pages of your friends directly.

Frequently ask friends, family and colleagues to vote.

Tweet this on Twitter. Write about this in your blog. Put it on your website and in your newsletters.

Approach your local newspaper, TV and Radio station

Be sure to mention this anywhere you can and don’t be afraid to remind people.

Make use of the collateral materials we have as a group (Energy Project

brochure, cook stove brochure, and short video).

Put this information into your email signature / footer.

Set up “Voting Kiosks” with your laptop whenever you are in a crowd or at an event

Ask contacts in faculty and students to promote and vote. Talk about it in class ! Or in church!

Print fliers. Hand them out at every opportunity. Leave’em at your gym, waterhole, grocery store!

$50,000 for clean cook stoves and fuels for Haiti – Come On !!


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