US-Canada Citizens’ Summit for Sustainable Development – Mar. 24-25, 2012

by Matthias Resch, Coordinator, The Energy Project of the UNA Southern NY State Division (UNA-SNY)

A joint delegation of members of the UNA Southern New York State Division (UNA-SNY) and Community Development International (CDi) attended the US/Canada Citizen’s Summit for Sustainable Development at Yale University. They included Matthias Resch, Coordinator of the Division’s Energy Program, Kelcey Gosserand, a volunteer with CDi, and Jennifer Irizarry, social media specialist with the UNA-SNY. 

Matthias Resch, Kelcey Gosserand, Jennifer Irizarry

The group reports that they made many interesting and promising contacts and attended many very informative sessions. These included, “Energy Access, Efficiency and Sustainability”, “Sustainable Cities”, “Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture”, “Creative Thinking for Sustainable Development”, “The Future of Urban Transportation”, “Making Environmental and Sustainability Issues Non-Partisan”, “Developing New Indicators for Measuring Progress”, “Coalition Building: Engagement and Mobilization for Rio+20” and more.


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