Climate Week NYC 2011 Calls for a ‘Clean Revolution’

by John Tandana, President, UNA Queens Chapter

A 100 mile bicycle ride throughout the five boroughs on Sunday, September 18, 2011 with 7000 cyclists from all over the world was a show case of Transportation Alternative in NYC. Throughout the week many high level seminars are organized to exchange opinion and experience of how to cope with the climate change that is threatening our way of life and civilization.

The opening ceremony of Climate Week NYC on September 19, 2011 was spectacular with the high profile presence of Rt. Hon Tony Blair, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Rebeca Grynspan, former president of Costa Rica, Dr. Juan Jose Daboub, former Finance Minister of El Salvador, and leaders from World Bank and UN.

Business, government, NGO and thought leaders will come together to call for a ‘Clean Revolution’ – one that ensures growth, creates jobs, and secures clean energy access for millions of people worldwide.

It is a general consensus that climate change and global warming are man-made. The evidence of increased severe weather patterns, the diminishing polar ice cap and the rising sea levels, is alarming.

There is increased awareness on global level. However, to mitigate the damage it requires the concerted effort of everyone on this planet, and a public-private partnership is recommended. Many lessons have been learnt through recent natural disasters, like the tsunami in Indonesia and the major earthquakes in Haiti and Japan.

Learning to cope with future disasters, being ready and prepared can increase the level of resiliency for adaptation and mitigation of the problem. A new paradigm of living, farming, production, distribution, transportation, government, etc. is required; the old ways are obsolete.

 Many seminars and workshops are free to the public. For more information about Climate Week NYC please visit


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