Institute of Development Studies (IDS) Encourages Gender-Responsive Strategies on Climate Change

Recognizing that the effects of climate change are not gender neutral, it is important to also recognize that responses to climate change are no more gender neutral than the problem they attempt to solve. This duality reflects the nature of gender equality in sustainable development: while gender equality is a goal of the development project, as reflected in the third Millennium Development Goal and the missions of various UN divisions, gender equality is also a precondition for other sustainable development goals, including poverty reduction, health, and education. The Institute of Development Studies’ new report, “Gender-Responsive Strategies on Climate Change: Recent Progress and Ways Forward for Donors,” in awareness of the centrality of gender, makes the case for the incorporation of gender into donor’s programs and policies on responding to climate change.

Climate change adaptation methods need to be gender responsive because existing inequalities multiply the effect of climate change on women. The IDS report gives a detailed explanation of the reasons to incorporate gender in climate change responses, and presents strategies for integration of gender into programs and policies. The report also summarizes donor experiences with adding gender to responses, as well as the progress that has been made on gender inclusion. Through the provision of key principles, IDS supplies donor organizations with the means to improve gender equality and climate change responsiveness, regardless of experience with integrating these two essential development goals.

 Prepared by Charlotte Ambrozek, Intern


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