Welcome to The Energy Project!


Welcome to The Energy Project, a project of the United Nations Association of the USA (UNA-USA) Southern New York State Division.  

This new blog will highlight UN Energy, Clean Cookstoves, Energy Information and Energy Policy.  (See the tabs for these topics.)

On this page we will feature how you can become involved in this project. 

Be sure to sign up for our Twitter account:  UNAEnergy  http://twitter.com/#!/UNAEnergy

Join Here 
Your voice needed to help promote solid US-UN relations and to ensure strong, positive leadership by the United States in the field of energy and climate action.
Go to: UNA-USA JOIN – On the secure website,  for Chapter Selection, go to NY and choose #462 – S. NYState Division.  If you’re a young professional, be sure to check that box.   If you prefer sending a check to joining online, please print, complete and mail this .pdf UNA-USA application
Then help start a new chapter in an area that lacks one, or a new UNA-USA Student Alliance, or come to an event, or write a letter to an editor and to your congressional representative and Senators!     
If you live in Brooklyn, New York (Manhattan), Queens or Westchester, you can join a chapter where you live.

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